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Never let Aircraft Maintenance catch you off-guard again!

Don't let unplanned maintenance bring you down

Your Aircraft Status
As Simple As
Red, Yellow, Green

The only solution that predicts aircraft maintence & inspections.

Unlimited Aircraft.
Unlimited Users.
Free Forever.

Liberating pilots & mechanics from the tyranny of evil paperwork one free account at a time!

The status of your aircraft's maintenance isn't black or white.

Time is important, don't waste it filling out paperwork.  With Aeyrium you will only have to enter the bare essentials ... we take care of the rest.







Always Airworthy

Never Overfly




Better Planning

Less Time on the Ground




Increase Revenue

Decrease Cost





Your Aircraft Wellness Solution

The health of your aircraft is critical to the success and financial health of any mission.  Aeyrium can provide real-time updates to ensure that unplanned downtime never occurs.     


  • Heath Based Metaphors for MX or MX Tips that and how Aeyrium fits in
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Hydrate regularly
  • Set aside some personal time
  • Turn off your phone
  • Make time for living

Don't Let AOG Become OMG!

Aeyrium's Real-Time Notifications

ensure that you and your team are on top of maintenance related events.   Track your aircraft with our preset items such as parts, flights, major/minor maintenance events or create custom reminders.  In either case, you will never experience an OMG moment again. 


Fleet-Wide Maintenance Status so easy your grandma will understand it


Beautiful and Intuitive

Fast and Easy Data Entry for Pilots and Mechanics


Flight Logs

Your entire flight history ... in your pocket!